FMI School Supply List

Francis Marion Intermediate 

2019-2020 School Supplies for 4th grade 


(2) boxes of 24 crayons * 

(8) plain solid colored pocket folders (without metal prongs)* 

(1)  100-page composition book* 

(1)  pair of scissors* 

(1)  package of wide Crayola markers* 

(1)  box of colored pencils (sharpened)* 

(1)  small handheld pencil sharpener* 

(3)  plain solid colored wide lined single subject spiral notebooks* 

(2)  highlighters * 

(1)  1/2 vinyl 3-ring binder with inside pockets for holding papers*

 (Nothing larger than this size.   *NO Trapper Keepers*) 

(1)  Backpack or Tote bag* 

(1)  packages of wide lined loose leaf notebook paper

(2)  sets of earphones or earbuds 

(1)  Storage container for pencils and crayons 

(2)  boxes of tissues 

(6)   glue sticks 

(36)   #2 sharpened pencils 

Please label all starred items with your child’s name.

Optional supplies 

  • Gallon-Zip top plastic bags 
  • Quart Size-Zip top plastic bags 
  • Hand sanitizer. Clorox wipes 


(1)  soprano recorder (can be purchased at West Music) 


Francis Marion Intermediate 

2019-2020 School Supplies for 3rd grade 


(1)  backpack/school bag

(2)  sets of earbuds/headphones . 

(1)  1 12 inch 3-ring binder- No Trapper Keepers or ones that zip 

(1)   2 pocket plastic folders w/ prongs 

      (if possible one each of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and student choice) 

(2)  24 count boxes of crayons 

(2)   boxes of markers – basic colors. 

(1)  metal blade scissors – do not have to be the elementary size. 

(9)  glue sticks (2 go to art class). 

(1)  supply box/container or zippered supply bag 

(2)  boxes of 20 ct non-decorative, yellow #2 pencils, sharpened 

(1)   package of eraser tops 

(3)  70 count wide-lined spiral notebooks 

(1)   composition book, wide lined 

(2)  Expo dry erase markers 

(1)  A container of disinfectant wipes, 9 oz or larger 

(2)  large boxes of facial tissues 


(1)  black Sharpie permanent marker 

(1)  large eraser 

(1)  Gluesticks (some will be used from the list above) 

Optional supplies: 

(1)  package of sandwich zip-top bags 

(1)  package of gallon zip-top bags.

(1)   bottle white school glue. Colored pencils 

(1)   bottle of hand sanitizer, 8-12 oz. size 

(1)   package wide lined paper