Pumpkin Launching at FMI

Students preparing for the pumpkin launch

During technology class over the last few months, fourth grade students have been investigating how to search the Internet. During that time students learned about keywords, shortcuts, and just how quickly you can access information on the enormous Internet. Students also discussed the importance of being a good digital citizen online, by following the Marion Way while connected. Over the next weeks, students will take their new found knowledge about catapults and follow the engineering design process to sketch, build, and test their catapults. Students are only allowed to use craft sticks, rubber bands, scotch tape, and one plastic spoon. Students will be able to test their design, evaluate and redesign to create the best possible catapult. Students will then launch candy pumpkins to see whose design worked best.

Building Pumpkin Launchers 1 Building Pumpkin Launchers 2

Building Pumpkin Launchers 3 Building Pumpkin Launchers

Do you think this one will work? Pumpkin Launchers. Building Pumpkin Launchers 4


Testing Testing 1...2...3...


Pumpkin Launchers Supplies, supplies, supplies