Revenue Purpose Statement

Revenue Purpose Statement InformationWhy are we voting November 5th?

At the school board meeting on September 9th the school board voted to call for an election on November 5, 2019, to ask the community to consider the approval of an updated Revenue Purpose Statement. This can only be done through voter approval. The Revenue Purpose Statement currently allows the school district to spend the funds raised by the penny sales tax (SAVE) in any way Iowa law allows. This will expire in 2031. If voters approve the Revenue Purpose Statement in November, the school district will continue to be able to spend the penny sales tax (SAVE) funds as Iowa law allows for the duration of the penny sales tax (SAVE).

What is a Revenue Purpose Statement?

It is a ballot issue that describes how school districts can spend the penny sales tax/SAVE (Secure an Advanced Vision for Education) funds that the state of Iowa has dedicated to Iowa schools.

Do we currently have a Revenue Purpose Statement?

We do have a current Revenue Purpose Statement that allows the Marion Independent School District to spend the funds raised by the penny sales tax (SAVE) in any way Iowa law allows, but this will expire in 2031.

Why is this important now?

Our district’s current Revenue Purpose Statement will expire in 2031. We would like to extend our current Revenue Purpose Statement language for the duration of the penny sales tax (SAVE) which is allowed by Iowa law. (Through calendar year 2050).

Will this raise my Taxes?

This will absolutely not raise your taxes. This is an extension of the current Revenue Purpose Statement which will allow the school district to continue to spend the funds as allowed by Iowa law. This is not a vote on the penny sales tax (SAVE). The state legislature has already set the rate at a penny. It is a vote to extend our current Revenue Purpose Statement language for the duration of the penny sales tax (SAVE).

When will the Revenue Purpose Statement vote be held?

The election is set for November 5, 2019. A simple majority (50% + 1) is needed for the Revenue Purpose Statement to pass.

What if the Revenue Purpose Statement is not approved?

Iowa law requires a minimum of six months to pass before another Revenue Purpose Election can be held. If the original version is not approved, a revised version can be brought back to our voters.

What does the proposed new Revenue Purpose Statement say?

In the Marion Independent School District, the following Revenue Purpose Statement which specifies the use of revenues the Marion Independent School District will receive from the State of Iowa Secure an Advanced Vision For Education Fund shall be adopted:

To provide funds to acquire or install information technology infrastructure (including improving buildings or sites for the purpose of accessing broadband digital telecommunications) and school safety and security infrastructure.

To provide funds to build and furnish a new school building or buildings; to build and furnish additions(s) to school buildings in the District; to remodel, reconstruct, repair, expand, and improve the school buildings in the District; to purchase and improve grounds; for demolition work; to furnish and equip district facilities.

To provide funds for the purchase, lease or lease-purchase of buildings, equipment (including transportation and recreation equipment), or technology and to repair transportation equipment for transporting students as authorized by law, to implement energy conservation measures, sharing or rental of facilities including a joint infrastructure project for the purposes of offering classes under a district-to-community college as authorized in Iowa Code Section 423F.3(3)(c), procuring or acquisition of libraries, or opening roads to schoolhouses or buildings.

To provide funds to purchase land as part of start-up costs for new student construction program or if the sale of the previous student construction was insufficient to purchase land, and to purchase construction materials and supplies for a student-constructed building or shed intended to be retained by and used by the District.

To provide funds to make payments to a municipality or other entity as required under Iowa Code Section 403.19(2).

To provide funds for demolition, cleanup, and other costs if such costs are necessitated by, and incurred within two years of, a disaster.

To provide funds to establish and maintain public recreation places and playgrounds; provide for supervision and instruction for recreational activities; or for community education purposes.

To provide funds for the payment of principal and interest or retirement of general obligation bonds issued for school infrastructure purposes, energy improvement loans, loan agreements authorized by Iowa Code Section 297.36, sales, service and use tax revenue bonds issued under Iowa Code Section 423E.5 or Iowa Code Section 423F.4; and

To provide funds for property tax relief; and

To provide funds for other authorized expenditures and purposes as now or hereafter permitted by law and designated by the Marion Independent School District.

How have the Penny Sales Tax (SAVE) funds been used in the past?

In the past, these funds have been used toward general obligation debt which has lowered the overall tax levy. SAVE funds have also been used to fund the construction of new buildings and numerous renovation projects.

How can I learn more?

If you have a question about the Revenue Purpose Statement or vote on November 5, 2019, please call the District Office at 319-377-4691.