Spotlight on Mr. Meth

Staff Spotlight

Mr. Meth

Mr. Meth

Current Position: Physical Education Teacher

High School Attended: W.A.C.O. , Olds

College Attended: Wartburg College

Previous Teaching Experience: 1 year in Fairfield, IA

Family: Wife, Renee, teaches at F.M.I.
Son, Grant, 19 years old, Attends Wartburg College, plays football
Daughter, Emily, 15 years old, Sophomore at Marion High School, plays Volleyball and runs Track.

Do you have any hobbies? Traveling with my family, fishing

What is your favorite thing about teaching? The genuine excitement every day of all students when they come to class.

What is your favorite food? Almost everything!!

Who is your hero? Anyone who has to work hard for what they want!!

What is one unique or special thing about you? I have coached someone who has played in the NFL!