The primary focus of the Marion Home School Assistance Program is to support and assist parents in their chosen role as the primary educators of their children.

We will focus on the support of teaching parents through:

  • The provision of high quality, need-related training and workshop opportunities so that parents can acquire and improve their teaching skills.

  • The opportunity for participation in activities which highlight family educational accomplishments for other home schooling families, relatives, friends, and the public.

  • Planned and informal activities where networking can take place with other home schooling families, offering encouragement and mutual understanding.

Focus on offering opportunities for homeschooled students which support their parents as teachers and which are difficult to provide in the home through:

  • The provision of high quality, need-related activities, classes, and workshops, offered on an optional basis.

  • The opportunity to participate in education-related field trips designed to enhance home schooling.

  • Cooperative learning activities offered and taught by staff, volunteers, and parents contracted by the HSAP staff.

Focus on increasing student / parent success by:

  • Modeling high standards of behavior by staff and teachers.

  • Requiring, reinforcing, promoting, and praising exemplary behavior by students.