Each morning at Starry, students enter their classrooms for a time that we refer to as “Soft Start”. Soft Start is a way for students to calmly ease into their academic day by engaging in play or STEM activities. Instead of doing morning work right away, Soft Start allows students to stimulate their brains in an age-appropriate way, socialize with friends and teachers, and have fun while also engaging in morning routines. 

Each class may have slightly different expectations during Soft Start, but mostly, students are allowed to go to a Soft Start tub with 2-3 other students. They are expected to stay with the Soft Start tub that they originally choose. Soft Start tubs contain items such as blocks, puzzles, coloring pages, games, tiles, and many other play-based materials. They are able to play for 15-20 minutes before class begins. Ask your child about their favorite Soft Start Activity!