This week in physical education, all students are participating in the Famous Starry Turkey Chase to help get ready for Thanksgiving!  Students are going through an obstacle course that has them working on various fitness skills.

Each part of the course is designed to help students use their imagination to chase, capture, and tie up the turkey! Here are each obstacle course stations and their importance in the Turkey Chase.

 First, students “drive down the hill into the woods” by taking the scooter down the ramp.

Next, students “drive through the woods” by taking the scooter through the hula hoops attached to cones.

Then, they “cross the skinny cliff” by walking across the balance beam. 

Next, students “swim across the river” by laying down on the mats and army crawling. 

Then, they “climb over the waterfall” by climbing across the monkey bars. 

Next, students “balance on the edge of the 10,000-foot cliff” by crawling across the railyard. 

Then, students “run and jump over the rocks and bushes” by stepping or jumping over the hurdles. 

Next, they “climb over the mountain” by climbing across the rock wall.

Then, students “crawl through the log” by crawling through the tunnel.

Next, students “wrestle the turkey down” by doing a trick on the mat.

Then, they “tie the turkey up” by jumping over the rope 10 times.

Finally, they “take the turkey home and hang it up” by hanging up the jump rope.

As time allows, students get to do the course again!