Hrubes math

1st grade is doing big things in math!

At MISD, Kindergarten through sixth grade students learn a math curriculum called Everyday Math. This curriculum is research based and introduces students to important mathematical concepts. It also meets Common Core state standards. At Starry, 1st grade just finished Unit 3: Number Stories. According to the Everyday Math curriculum, Unit 3 uses “addition and subtraction to model and solve number stories”. 

In this unit, Starry students worked on skip counting using the frames and arrows diagram, as well as using number lines. Students were introduced to differentiated strategies such as counting on, counting back, the turn around rule, and drawing pictures to help solve their math stories. To learn these concepts, students played games such as Bunny Hop, Domino Top-It, High Roller, and Roll to 50, just to name a few. Ask your first grader which game was their favorite!

Math 1P

Next, students will be starting Unit 4: Length and Measurement. During this time, students will learn how to measure using different objects, such as pencils or paper clips as measuring tools. They will learn how to measure without having gaps, overlaps, different sizes of tools, or how to properly start measuring from beginning to end. Have them demonstrate how they measure objects at home as additional practice! They will also be learning how to read and answer questions about bar graphs as well as creating bar graphs. These skills will be practiced throughout the entire school year.