Math 1st grade

Earlier in the year, we provided an article discussing the 1st Grade math curriculum. Here is an update:

 Our 1st grade students have been focusing on addition fact strategies. These lessons included solving 2 digit number stories, near doubles, making 10, place value and determining if an equation was true or false. Some of the activities that the students did were finding numbers that were 10 more or 10 less using their number grids for support. 

They learned how to compare numbers using the less than, greater than, or equal to symbols. As we continue the school year, 1st grade will be focusing on fact families, counting using base ten blocks, partitioning shapes, and more work with story problems. A few of the math games that help enrich these skills are Stop and Go (adding/subtracting), Domino Top-It, and Rolling for Doubles (basic doubles facts).