About FMI

Francis Marion Intermediate (FMI) is one of the few 3rd and 4th-grade attendance centers in Iowa. Having all of our grade level teachers under one roof allows for collaboration and consistent teaching in our building.  Our teachers meet weekly to discuss teaching strategies on how to reach each student's academic and social emotional needs. Our school also features an optional before and after-school child care program that allows flexibility for families.  FMI's average enrollment is 150 students per grade level with each teacher's class having around 22 students.  We are very proud of what we offer our students. Physical education, art, and music classes meet twice a week along with classes in library skills, technology, and guidance.  Some optional before or after-school clubs include STEM, Chorus, Drum Club, Book Club, Mile Club, Coding, and Girls on the Run to name a few. The FMI Staff works positively and collectively to meet the instructional individual needs of every student.

A bond issue was passed in 2020.  Renovations at FMI will begin in the summer of 2022.  The overall plan is to provide more space and a visible and secure front entrance for FMI.  We look forward to these changes.