From The Principal

Mr. Murphy

As Principal of Francis Marion Intermediate School, thank you are visiting our web page.

The mission of our school is “for all students to learn, achieve, and succeed.” Our teachers, staff, and parents are dedicated to making this a quality school where all students feel they belong and experience success in their learning.

Francis Marion is one of the few 3rd and 4th grade schools in the state of Iowa. We are the only intermediate school in the nation named after the famous Revolutionary War General, Francis Marion. Learning about this heritage is integrated into our social studies, science, reading, art, and music programs. We are very proud of our school and what we can offer our students. Curriculum offerings and special events are the result of concentrated efforts from all our staff to provide an educational environment made special for 3rd and 4th graders.

Visitors are welcome at our school, we ask you to sign in at the office and bring a driver's license with you. We use Keep-N-Track as a safety precaution that will run a background check before allowing visitors to proceed into the building. If you have any questions, please feel to contact me at 373-4766 ext. 5115.

We currently are not allowing visitors due to Covid-19. We will update this every quarter.

Mike Murphy, Principal