WHO'S WHO WEDNESDAY! Meet Mrs. Caswell! She is the #speechlanguagepathologist from @GrantWoodAEA who is assigned to Starry. Fun fact about Mrs. Caswell: She has 2 young kids and is a very talented singer! #starryinspire #misdinspire
21 days ago, Starry Elementary
2nd grade students learned a new game and are practicing being good partners in math. #starryinspire #misdinspire
22 days ago, Starry Elementary
2nd math
2nd math
2nd math
2nd grade
Kindergarten is learning a variety of Nursey Rhymes as a part of #CKLA curriculum. They are enjoying singing along to them and acting them out. Here they learned,"Jack Be Nimble" & had fun showing how nimble they are by jumping over the candlestick. #starryinspire #misdinspire
22 days ago, Starry Elementary
See the flyer below for information about our first FASTWORKS night at Starry. #misdinspire #starryinspire
27 days ago, Starry Elementary
At MISD, we have adopted a new curriculum which is referred to as CKLA. It stands for Core Knowledge Language Arts. Here, you see Kindergarteners in Mrs. Elliott's class practicing pencil grip and writing lines as part of #CKLA curriculum. #starryinspire #misdinspire
27 days ago, Starry Elementary
More photos from one of the student's favorite times of the day! Soft Start! #misdinspire #starryinspire
28 days ago, Starry Elementary
SS 3
WHO'S WHO WEDNESDAY is back! Each week, we will feature a staff member so you can put names to faces and faces to names. #starryinspire #misdinspire First up is our new Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Werling. Mrs. Werling comes to us as a former preschool teacher in Cedar Rapids and is excited to start her adventure in Kindergarten. Welcome to the Starry family, Mrs. Werling!
28 days ago, Starry Elementary
Each morning at Starry, we start the day with "Soft Start", a calm time to play with peers for a great start to the day. Here, Kindergarten students work together with magna-tiles! #starryinspire #misdinspire
29 days ago, Starry Elementary
K soft start
Phone lines have been restored at transportation. Thanks for your patience.
29 days ago, Marion ISD
If you are trying to reach transportation this morning, the phones are currently down. Please email Kat at kwalsh@marion-isd.org or call your building secretary to get a hold of transportation.
29 days ago, Marion ISD
The first few weeks of school include a lot of learning of expectations and routines in order to prepare for a great school year! #starryinspire #misdinspire
about 1 month ago, Starry Elementary
We have been SO busy the first couple of days of school! #starryinspire #misdinspire
about 1 month ago, Starry Elementary
@Longfellow_MISD and @Starry_MISD teachers engaging with new literacy curriculum materials in preparation for the start of the school year. Thank you @Amplify for providing our facilitator and thank you @HillsBank for providing a space to learn. #StarryInspire #LongfellowInspire 
about 1 month ago, Starry Elementary - Marion ISD
Staff Working with Curriculum Materials
Staff Working with Curriculum Materials
We are hiring a Maintenance Technician. We have great benefits and an amazing team! Contact rscott@marion-isd.org & visit https://www.marion-isd.org/page/employment-opportunities to begin the application process. #MISDinspire #MISDOwnYourFuture
about 2 months ago, Marion ISD
MISD Hiring
We are seeking interested candidates for: Special Education BD Teacher at Marion High School. Please contact Greg Semler or Chris Raymond & begin the conversation about joining Marion ISD! We are offering a sign on bonus & tuition reimbursement. #MISDOwnYourFuture
about 2 months ago, Marion ISD
Special Education BD Teacher
Congratulations to Nancy Alderdyce on her retirement from Marion Independent as our district nurse. #MISDinspire #MISDOwnYourFuture
3 months ago, Marion ISD
Alderdyce Retirement
We are ending our school year in a big way with visits from our very own Big Red! Have an awesome, safe, amazing summer! #MISDinspire #MISDOwnYourFuture
4 months ago, Marion ISD
Big Red
Free sack lunches during summer break for students! May 31st to August 22nd. Monday - Friday from 12:00 Noon to 12:30pm. Sponsored and brought to you by Feeding Lunches for Youth (F.L.Y.) Thanks F.L.Y.! You're amazing!!
4 months ago, Marion ISD
FLY 2022 Summer
As part of our Starry countdown, yesterday was rainbow day! Here is 1st and 2nd graders lined up to ahow off their colors. #starryinspire #misdinspire
4 months ago, Starry Elementary
rainbow 2
rainbow 1
Tomorrow students will get to pick out books to keep for the final time this year! AND, they get to choose 3!!! Thanks again to the Marion Foundation for making this happen. #starryinspire #misdinspire
4 months ago, Starry Elementary
books 4
books 3
books 2
books 1