About Marion High School

Welcome to Marion High School, which sits in the heart of the Marion community. The faculty and staff at Marion High School serve over 700 students in grade 9-12. Our teachers and leaders are committed to providing a quality education for all our students. We value and understand that our students come from a variety of backgrounds with varied views and experiences. Our charge is to embrace this and create a sincere, challenging, and enriched learning environment in which each student is able to reach their individual potential.

We offer a variety of pathways for students to explore their passions and identify goals for their futures. Many of our students take advantage of our dual enrollment option through Kirkwood Community College, and because of this, Marion High students have earned the highest college credit per student in the Metro area! Students also pursue certificate pathways in areas such as CNA and welding.

Over 90% of our students participate in extracurricular and co-curricular activities at the high school level, and as student interest changes, so do our club offerings. Marion athletic teams are often vying for championships and several of our athletes have gone on to play collegiately. Our music programs are topnotch and consistently earn Division 1 ratings.

The staff at Marion High School encourage student growth and recognize that a student's strengths often extend beyond their academic potential. These strengths are celebrated and fostered so they can be utilized as students graduate and enter their next phase of life. We care about every individual student that enters our doors, and we do everything we can to help the student Own Their Future!

We want academic success combined with holistic growth for all our students, and we are committed to each child's success. The success of our students and the opportunities that our students are provided are directly related to the commitment and efforts of our parents and community. We appreciate this partnership and support.