Counseling at MHS

Individual Counseling

MHS counselors work with students on an individual basis regarding academics, personal/social concerns, and post-secondary enrollment options. Our counseling helps students to identify how they can achieve academic success, work well with others, and help them realize how they can develop knowledge and skills to be future ready.

Crisis Support

The adolescent years can sometimes be challenging and difficult to navigate.  The counselors at the high school provide prevention, intervention, and follow-up while working with students and families to seek appropriate resources.


A School Based Therapist from Tanager is available at Marion High School for students, parents/guardians, families, and staff. Tanager Place offers a variety of services as part of our School-Based Therapy Program. These services include Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, and Group Therapy Prevention Services and Telehealth. Contact the Marion High School Counseling Office at (319)377-9891 extension 1127 for information.