State Archery

Congratulations to Marion High School Archery! The top 24 archers have met the qualifications to participate at the State Tournament in Des Moines at the State Fairgrounds on Saturday, March 5th and Sunday, March 6th. The Bullseye Team flight is at 6:00pm on Saturday and the 3D Team flight is at 8:30am on Sunday. 

Individual Bullseye State Qualifiers:

Megan Gearhart, Lily Juergens, Caleb Starry, Eli Berberich, Vincent Brown, Lynsie Lusk, Tyler Fagan, Allison Cross, Marco Olachnovitch, Cael Schultz, Kelsey Ehrmann

 Individual 3D State Qualifiers:

Megan Gearhart, Lily Juergens, Eli Berberich, Allison Cross, Tyler Fagan, Blake Hines

Bullseye Team Qualifiers:

Allison Steffen, Emily Swick, Keilana Lieb, Emma Mike, Lilly Rompot, Jackson Schulz, Cameren Ehrmann, Iyanna Barkley, Blake Hines, Kadia Cole, Autumn Ritchie, Alec Neva, Griffin Coates

 3D State Team Qualifiers:

Griffin Coates, Cameren Ehrmann, Lynsie Lusk, Emma Mike, Cael Schultz, Allison Steffen