Anti-Bullying Policy

The Marion Independent School District is committed to providing all students, employees, and volunteers with a safe and civil school environment in which all members of the school community are treated with dignity and respect.  Bullying and/or harassing behavior can seriously disrupt the ability of school employees to maintain a safe and civil environment, and the ability of students to learn and succeed.  

Bullying and/or harassment of or by students, employees, and volunteers is against federal, state, and local policy and is not tolerated by the board.

Accordingly, school employees, volunteers, and students shall not engage in bullying or harassing behavior while on school property, while on school-owned or school-operated vehicles, while attending or participating in school-sponsored or sanctioned activities, and while away from school grounds if the conduct materially interferes with the orderly operation of the educational environment or is likely to do so.

Complaints may be filed with the superintendent or superintendent’s designee/building administrator pursuant to the regulation accompanying this policy.  Complaints will be investigated within a reasonable time frame. Formal complaints and informal reports of conduct constituting sexual harassment will be referred to the Title IX Coordinator and will be governed by the provisions of Regulation 102.R2.

Please view Board Policy 104 and accompanying regulations and exhibits for more information, legal definitions of bullying, complaint and disclosure forms. Board Policy 104 can be found at: MISD Board Policy 100 Series Document