Health News: Sports & Energy Drinks

Healthy Choices count

Sports, energy or flavored water drinks are not good substitutes for plain water. They are made with lots of additives, sugar and caffeine, which can lead to an energy crash and dehydration.

For example, a small cup of coffee has 80–120 mg of caffeine, while a can of an energy drink has 505 mg of caffeine. A 32-oz. sports drink has nearly 50 grams of sugar, compared to a can of soda that has 30 grams.

Stick with water and avoid the caffeine, hidden sugars and sodium. You will quench your thirst and stay hydrated throughout the day! Try to add fruit and vegetables slices to your water to add some infused flavors! Some ideas to try: cucumber, lemon, lime, berries, mint leaves, and kiwi.

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