Outreach: Tanager Place

Tanager Place

Hopefully, you have read our message about the MISD Trauma Informed Care Committee and its work.

The Outreach & Engagement subcommittee, as part of our district’s Trauma Informed Care Committee (TICC), will begin highlighting a local social service agency, services available and ways they might be able to assist families during times of need.  These highlights will be shared quarterly and once at the start of summer.

The first highlight will be Tanager Place – as they have been critical to the development of our TICC and our district’s work to become a more trauma sensitive environment.  Please review this information attached.  If needed, we hope you will feel comfortable reaching out directly to Tanager Place.  Otherwise, feel free to contact a building counselor, district social worker or principal who can help be the liaison in this for you and your family.