Construction, repair and updates have been happening at a rapid pace around the district over the past several years. Several of those projects were completed with PPEL funds. On November 7, 2023 voters will be asked to renew the existing PPEL levy which is used to maintain and repair district facilities. The renewal would ensure funds for another 10 years. Renewing the Levy Will Not Increase the Property Tax Rate! 

What is PPEL? The Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL) is a voter-approved levy that serves as a revenue source for funding school infrastructure and equipment repairs, purchases and improvements. The video below  gives you a glimpse into how the PPEL Levy is used at MISD. The levy generates approximately $1 million per year which will be essential in maintaining our new and existing facilities.

Please feel free to share the video with family and friends as we work to educate the community about PPEL in preparation for the upcoming election.